Leisure time

It is also suitable for:

  • ZOOs
  • Aquaparks
  • Theatres
  • Cinemas
  • Sport stadiums

Advantages of solution:

The 2N® Helios IP group offers simple solutions for the varying needs of leisure facilities. For emergency communication there is the 2N® Helios IP Safety intercom or 2N® Helios IP Force intercom, which also allows the user to monitor authorised access or control external devices such as entrances, gates, lighting, etc. Audio for outdoor and indoor spaces can be provided with the easily scalable 2N® NetSpeaker audio system, which includes individual 2N® NetSpeaker units with speakers located at individual pavilions, stands or refreshment facilities. If interconnection of the audio system with IP telephony is required, the 2N® SIP Speaker can also serve as an effective solution. All the above products use standardised protocols compatible with other communication systems, and can be configured individually or in a group, even remotely.

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  • Information for ZOO visitors
  • Background music
  • Option to make live announcements

Information point at pavilion

  • Background noises at ZOO exhibits (for example, jungle noises)
  • Interactive buttons for children (for example, recorded animal noises)
  • Recorded commentaries about animals

Information point at map

  • Emergency communication
  • Direct connection using one button
  • Visibility even under worse conditions


  • Emergency communication
  • Direct connection using one button
  • Visibility even under worse conditions

Access to office building

  • Increased resilience to weather and vandals
  • Access for authorised persons only
  • Control of lights in complex

Vehicular entry to car park

  • Optimisation for operation in noisy environment
  • Option with several buttons
  • Increased robustness against weather and vandals


  • Standard and emergency communication
  • Direct connection using one button
  • Video monitoring of the run

Announcements for office building

  • Interconnection of public announcements with telephone system
  • Easy public paging into rooms and zones
  • Announcement made from desk telephone

Cash desk

  • Easy voice communication
  • Up to three numbers per user
  • One or two backlit buttons